The courses link for the following courses 7 to 9 of NISHTHA 2.0 (Secondary) for the month of October 2021

The courses link for the following courses 7 to 9 of NISHTHA 2.0 (Secondary) for the month of October 2021 has been generated. Kindly share with Principals, Vice Principals and Teachers teaching classes 9 to 12 to join the course for NISHTHA 2.0 (Secondary) . Following may be noted for smooth completion of the course:

  1. There is one month of time to complete these three courses.
  2. If any teacher has not completed the courses in this batch/month, they can complete at the end when all the courses are reopened.
  3. Date of Opening of Course/Enrolment: 01.10.2021.
  4. Date of Closing of Enrolment: 25.10.2021 midnight
  5. Date of Closing of Course: 31.10.2021.
  6. The participants are advised to Enrol/Join the course well before 25.10.2021 and complete the course on or before the last day of the month.

Note: 1. Registration is one time activity on DIKSHA portal and Enrolment means joining the course. So teachers need to enrol in all the three courses before 25th.

  1. Course in DIKSHA may show 100% completion status when the teachers have gone through all the digital resources but 70% score in quiz is also needed to get certificate. Teachers who got status as completed but scored less than 70% will not get certificate and there course is incomplete. Hence, need to enrol again when course reopens.
  2. In case of transfer of participants fresh registration is not needed but profile is to be updated as per new place of posting.

Please instruct all the participants to join using the following links only and not to use any other link.

Kindly refer to this office letter dated 30.07.2021 for other details. Links details are as follows:

Course 7 : English : KVS_ NISHTHASEC_Integrating Gender in Schooling Processes

Course 7 : Hindi : KVS_ NISHTHASEC_विद्यालयी प्रक्रियाओं में जेंडर समावेशन

Course 8 : English : KVS_ NISHTHASEC_School Leadership: Concepts and Applications

Course 8 : Hindi : KVS_ NISHTHASEC_विद्यालय नेतृत्व : अवधारणा एवं अनुप्रयोग

Course 9 : English : KVS_ NISHTHASEC_Vocational Education

Course 9 : Hindi : KVS_ NISHTHASEC_व्यावसायिक शिक्षा

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