NCERT Solutions for Class 4 CHAPTER – 4 English Alice in Wonderland

1. While listening to the story, what did alice see?

Ans. While listening to the story, Alice suddenly saw a white rabbit, which was going somewhere hurriedly.

2. What was different about the rabbit that Alice saw?

Ans. The rabbit that Alice saw different from other rabbits because of following features:

(i) It was wearing a blue coat and a red waistcoat.

(ii) It was going somewhere hurriedly.

(iii) It could speak.

(iv) It had pink eyes.

(v) It had a big watch.

3. Where did the rabbit go?

Ans. The rabbit entered a deep rabbit hole.

4. How did Alice reach wonderland?

Ans. Alice following the strange rabbit jumped into the rabbit hole. She had a great fall into the deep rabbit hole. She fell on a heap of dry leaves and thus reached wonderland.

5. What strange things did Alice see?

Ans. In wonderful, everything was very strange. Alice saw a very small door about 15 inches high. She saw the strange while rabbit entering the door. It was still saying that it is getting late. Alice further saw a glass table on which a golden key was lying. She opened the lock with the golden key.

6. Describe in your own words the garden that Alice saw.

Ans. When Alice opened the door, she found a beautiful garden. It was the most beautiful garden that Alice had seen in her life. There were various coloured flowers in the garden. The fragnance was very attractive. The garden also had fountains. She wished that she could stay there forever.

7. (a) The Rabbit had

Ans. Pink eyes.

(b) Who was burning with curiosity?

Ans. Alice

(c) Who fell down and down and down?

Ans. The rabbit.

(d) Who said – “Oh my ears and whiskers, late it’s getting!”

Ans. The Rabbit.

(e) The garden Alice saw was

Ans. Lovely.

8. Describe some of the sounds you hear at night.

Ans. During night, strange sounds of owl’s call, blowing wind, and night watchman’s whistle are heard. They sometimes are horrifying.

9. Imagine you are Alice and your partner is a rabbit. What would you do?

Ans. If I were Alice and my partner were a rabbit, I would do exactly what Alice did i.e. I would follow my partner to the wonderland.

10. What do you think Alice saw in the garden?

Ans. Alice saw beautiful flowers, fountains and a good scenery in the garden. She also felt the pleasant fragrance of colourful flowers.

11. How would Alice have got into the garden?

Ans. If Alice could become smaller, she would have got into the garden.

12. Find one word from the story that means.

(a) To walk fast, h________.

Ans. hurry.

(b) to think, w_______.

Ans. wonder.

(c) happy, d_______.

Ans. Delight.

(d) to be seen nowhere, d_______.

Ans. Disappear.

(e) at once, q _____.

Ans. Quickly.

(f) move fast, s _____.

Ans. Scamper.

(g) to be inquisitive c______.

Ans. Curious.

13. Give another word for given below with similar meanings and make sentences. Make sentences with each of the opposites of these describing words and make sentences with them.


WordSimilar wordOpposite wordSentence
LovelyAttractiveNasty1. Sheila’s dress was very attractive.2. Shravan had nasty nature.
TalkingChattingSilent1. Arun was chatting on the computer.2. The class was silent.
ListeningHearingSpeaking1. Father was hearing the news on the radio.2. Mother was speaking to the neighbor.
SeeLook atIgnore1. Look at the beautiful picture.2. Rabbit ignored Alice.
Centrecoreborder1. Prime Minister addressed the core problem.2. Army men live at the border for our country.
14. Imagine you are going on a journey to the centre of the earth? What do you think you will see? What would you feel?

Ans. (i) In the beginning, I would see rocks, dust, soil, water and mud.

(ii) A little deeper, I would see solid rocks.

(iii) At the centre of the earth, I would see red hot core which will have thousands degrees of temperature.

(iv) With the increasing depth, the temperature of the interior of earth would increase.

(v) Further, I would encounter volcanoes, hot, magma and rocks in liquid form.

15. Alice follows the strange rabbit because she wants to know a number of things. Rearrange the words to make the questions that Alice has in her mind and put a question mark (?)

(a) talk rabbit a how can

Ans. How can a rabbit talk?

(b) going he is where

Ans. Where is he going?

(c) read he can time the

Ans. Can he read the time?

(d) hurry is in a why he

Ans. Why is he in a hurry?

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