NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 14 – The Scholar’s Mother Tongue


Question 1:

mother tongue    challenged    tickled    irritated


1) Mother Tongue: language which a person has been speaking from childhood Example sentences: 1) People should never forget their mother tongue. 2) Every mother tongue is unique in its own way.

2) Challenged: something that puts you to test Example sentences: 1) I challenged him to fight with me. 2) I accepted the challenge with dignity.

3) Tickled: a light touch that makes you laugh Example sentences: 1) My pet tickled the maid on her leg. 2) I tickled him under the ears.

4) Irritated: showing slight anger Example sentences: 1) Reena was irritated by her class teacher. 2) The street dog irritated the old man

Reading is Fun

1.Who came to Akbar’s court?
Ans.A learned Pundit came to Akbar’s court.

2.What did he claim to know?
Ans. He claimed that he could speak many languages fluently.

3.How did he challenge everybody?
Ans. He challenged everybody to name his mother tongue.

Let’s Talk
1.What is your mother tongue?
Ans. Do it yourself.

2.Tell the class a joke in your mother tongue.
Ans. Do it yourself.

3.Do you know any other language? Do you know a joke in English? Tell your friends.
Ans.Do it yourself.

Let’s Listen
1.Listen to your favourite advertisement on the radio or T.V. Repeat it
with stress on the words. Act, draw and write the advertisement.
Ans.Do it yourself.

Say Aloud
ask                     bask               mask          task
scholar             school            scan           skim
We say -1 learnt my lesson, (action word)
But A leam-ed pundit came to the court, (describing word)
We pronounce it as leam-id to rhyme with

1.Tick (✓) the words which end with the sound id. Say each word aloud.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-7 Chapter 14 Say Aloud Q1
Word Building
1.Make a class dictionary with words from the story. Try to find suitable words for them in your mother tongue. Say these words aloud.
Then make sentences with those words in your class dictionary.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-7 Chapter 14 Word Building Q1
2.Write all the words that show you are happy.
For example : Hurray, Ha! Ha!
Add more! hip, hip, hurray! Oh! Wonderful!

3.Tick (✓) the right answer.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-7 Chapter 14 Word Building Q3
4.Look and fill in the columns. One has been done for you.
quiet      quietly       sad           sadly
fluent     fluently    fierce      fiercely
angry     angrily     gentle      gently

5.Match the words in Column ‘A’ with words in Column ‘B’
A                                                                          B
king                                                               children
teacher                                                         patients
doctor                                                           courtiers
bus driver                                                    clients
lawyer                                                            passengers
mother                                                          students
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-7 Chapter 14 Word Building Q5
6. Play this game with a friend. Pick up what you want from any basket.
Add a or an before it.
Now say the sentences below, using these things –
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-7 Chapter 14 Word Building Q6
• a rug, a pillow, a bedsheet
• an alarm clock, a wall clock, a wrist watch
• an apple, an orange, a banana, an ice-cream
• a bow, an arrow, a ball, a bat, a doll
• a waistcoat, a long coat, a raincoat, an umbrella
Neena   : Can I have an orange, please?
: Yes, here you are.
Jeevika : Can I have a banana, too.
: No, sorry. You can’t have that
Make more sentences using words from the baskets.
• Can you give me a bat?                    • Would you like an ice-cream?
• Would you like a banana?               • Can I have a longcoat, please?
• Can I have a wrist watch, please?  • Would you like an apple?
• Would you please give me a doll?

Let’s Share
1. How did Birbal find out about the Pundit’s mother tongue?
Ans. At night, Birbal entered quietly into the Pundit’s room when he was asleep. He whispered something into his ear and tickled it with a feather. The Pundit, half awake, spoke suddenly in his mother tongue. In this way, Birbal found out about the Pundit’s mother tongue.

2. Act this out with your friends and make it into a class play.
Ans. Do it yourself.

The Truth Balloon

Suppose you are going on a camping holiday.
What are the four most important things you will carry with you?
Choose from the tags attached to the hot air balloon.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-7 Chapter 14 The Truth Balloon
• Money
• Food packets
• Water bottles
• First aid kit

Fun Time

Crossword Fun

India is a country of many languages. Let’s see if you know what the people of the states in this crossword puzzle speak. The clues are given below. The first letter of each answer has been filled in for you.
1. This language is spoken in Orissa
2. It is spoken in Karnataka
4. The people of Assam speak this language
7. This language is used in Andhra Pradesh
8. You can hear this spoken in Maharashtra
3. The people of Kerala speak this language
5. This is our national language
6. The language of the Goan people
7. This is spoken in Tamil Nadu
9. It is widely spoken in Uttar Pradesh and elsewhere
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-7 Chapter 14 Crossword Fun

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