NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 15 – A Watering Rhyme


Question 1:

hour    watering    noonday    boots    soak    heat


1) Hour: sixty minutes Example sentences: 1) There is an hour left for the examination to start. 2) I reached my friend’s home an hour before.

2) Watering: making something wet Example sentences: 1) My grandfather is watering the plants in the park. 2) My eyes started watering.

3) Noonday: the middle of the day Example sentences: 1) I like to take a nap in the noonday sun. 2) The noonday sun burnt my eyes.

4) Boots: footwear that covers the whole foot and lower leg Example sentences: 1) I do not feel comfortable walking in boots. 2) She likes to wear brown boots with her white dress.

5) Soak: to make something wet by dipping it Example sentences: 1) Soak the beans overnight in water. 2) Soak her feet in warm water.

6) Heat: high temperature Example sentences: 1) It is difficult to bear the heat in summers. 2) Heat the water on the stove.

Reading is Fun

1.What is the best time to water the plants?_
Ans.The best time to water the plants is early morning and evening hour.

2.When should we not water the plants?
Ans. We should not water the plants at noonday.

3.Which part of the plant should be watered?
Ans.The roots of the plant should be watered.

Word Building
Place letters in their right order to form the names of flowers.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-8 Chapter 15 Word Building

Fun Time

You have visited your school garden and seen different kinds of plants, shrubs and trees. This grid has the names of different parts of a tree. Look for these words – BUD, POD, LEAF, STEM, ROOTS, THORNS, BRANCHES and FLOWER as fast as you can – vertically, horizontally and diagonally.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-8 Chapter 15 Fun Time
Let’s Talk
1.Do you have a garden at home?
Ans. Yes, I have a small garden at home.

2. Name some flowers which grow in your garden or near your house.
Ans. Crysanthemum, marigold, rose, dahlia, jasmine.

3. Give another word for ‘thirsty feet’.
Ans. Roots.

4.What happens when we water plants in the morning? Choose one answer.
(a) They will grow well.
(b) They will dry up.
Ans. (a) They will grow well.

5.From where do flowers get water?
(а) From the bottom (roots).
(b) From the top (leaves).
Ans. (a) From the bottom (roots).

Say Aloud
early      our      flower     their        could
curly      hour    flour       there        hood
surely    are       shower   care         should
where    seat      shake     bread       high
wear      sheet    sake       spread      sigh

Pick out the silent letters from
hour     knit     wrong    doubt
often    know   night     could
write    knife    high      walk

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-8 Chapter 15 Say Aloud

Let’s Write
1.Write rhyming words for the words given below. One has been done for
(a) morning evening   (b) car bar
(c) high sigh                 (d) boots roots
(e) heat feet                  (f) where there

2.Words like morning, evening, watering end in ing. Write six more words to which ing can be added at the end to form a new word.
(a) warming   (b) raining   (c) dancing
(d) planting   (e) feeling     (f) laughing

3.Look for words in the poem which sound like the words given below.
(a) are hour         (b) there their
(c) flour flower   (d) where wear
(e) son sun          (f) threw through

4.In the sentences below the capital letters, commas, full stops and question marks are missing. Put these in the correct places.
(a) on monday i will go to school
Ans. On Monday, I will go to school.
(b) rahim ravi and raju are going to see the circus
Ans. Rahim, Ravi and Raju are going to see the circus.
(c) sita where are you looking
Ans. Sita, where are you looking?
(d) the tailor went to the market mr singh
Ans. The tailor went to the market, Mr. Singh.
(e) every Sunday i go for a walk have breakfast read story books listen to music and watch television
Ans. Every Sunday I go for a walk, have breakfast, read story books, listen to music and watch television.
(f) laxmi why are you crying.
Ans. Laxmi, why are you crying?
(g) what is the colour of the sky
Ans. What is the colour of the sky?
(h) oranges mangoes bananas and papayas are fruits.
Ans. Oranges, mangoes, bananas and papayas are fruits.
Team Time

Write a Story

1.Write a story about a plant that is in danger. Write about how you might help to save it. Be sure the story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.
Ans. Do it yourself.

Prepare a Speech

Prepare a speech giving some reasons why it is important to protect flowers and plants. Include ways that you could help protect endangered plants in your school.
Respected teachers and my dear friends!
Flowers and plants are important for our life. They give us fresh air to breathe. Flowers add beauty to the nature. Plants give us fruits and medicines. They also give us valuable timber. They form clouds which fall on earth in the form of water. Hence, we must protect them. We should not pluck flowers. Neither should we cut trees. We should plant more and more trees in order to protect our own existence.

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