NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 16 – The Giving Tree


Question 1:

swing    delicious    pluck    trip    sail    stump    recognised


1) Swing: to move back and forth Example sentences: 1) The girl swings her arms while eating. 2) The child swings the toy up and down.

2) Delicious: pleasant to taste Example sentences: 1) The hotel served delicious food. 2) I bought delicious home baked cookies.

3) Pluck: to quickly remove Example sentences: 1) He plucks the petals carefully. 2) Do not pluck flowers in the garden.

4) Trip: a journey Example sentences: 1) The trip to Chennai was very tiring. 2) Saima has gone to a school trip.

5) Stump: the bottom most part of a tree Example sentences: 1) My grandfather likes to sit on the stump. 2) Two chickens were playing on the stump.

6) Recognised: to identify someone whom you have seen before Example sentences: 1) I recognised her in the white hat. 2) My friend recognised his sister after 10 years.

Reading is Fun

1.How did the boy enjoy the company of the tree?
Ans.The boy climbed the trunk of the tree, swung on its branches, ate its fruit, and slept under its shade.

2.How did the tree help the boy earn money?
Ans.The tree told the boy to pluck all the apples and earn money by selling them in the market.

3.What did the boy make with the branches of the tree?
Ans.The boy made a house with the branches of the tree.

4.What did the boy make with the trunk of the tree?
Ans. The boy made a boat with the trunk of the tree.

5.How was the stump of the tree useful?
Ans. The stump of the tree proved to be useful by offering the old man a peaceful place to sit and rest.

6.Why is the play called ‘The Giving Tree’?
Ans. The play is called ‘The Giving Tree’ because the tree always gives something or the other to the boy to make him happy.

Word Building
1.Make new words and complete the sentences.
(а) The children love to sing loudly, (loud)
(b) Read your lesson silently, (silent)
(c) Throw the ball slowly, (slow)
(d) The tree gave its fruit to the boy happily, (happy)
(e) Do your work neatly, (neat)

2.Fill in the blanks with the correct word.
My mother went to the market and bought a kilogram of apples .(apple/apples),
a dozen bananas (banana/bananas) and a dozen oranges (orange/oranges).
I love oranges. So I ate an orange (orange/oranges).
My brother wanted a banana (banana/bananas) and my sister asked for an apple (apple/apples).
A tree has one trunk (trunk/trunks) but many branches (branch/branches).
A branch (branch/branches) has a number of leaves (leaf/leaves) and flowers (flower/ flowers).

Let’s Talk
1.Why should we not cut trees? 
Ans.We should not cut trees because trees give us many things such as fruit, fuel, valuable timber, medicines etc. They give us cool shade in summer. They purify air which we breathe.

2.At the end of the play, only the stump of the tree is left. Find out if it will grow into a tree again.
Ans.Do it yourself.
3.Say the given sentences with different expressions.
(а) Come and play with me.
(b) I want to buy things and have fun.
(c) Come and climb up my trunk and swing from my branches.
(d) Cut down my trunk.
(e) I am too old to swing on branches.
(f) I am too tired to climb.
(а) Come to play with me.
(d) I will make fun by buying things.
(c) You can climb up my trunk and swing from my branches.
(d) You can cut down my trunk.
(e) I am so old that I cannot swing on the branches.
(f) I am so tired that I cannot climb.

Let’s Write
1.Write these sentences in the correct order. Also, choose the right word from the box and add it before each sentence. Remember to put a comma after it, for example, Finally ….
First – Then After that Finally
(а) It gave him its branches to make a house.
(б) It asked him to sit on the stump.
(c) It gave him its trunk to make a boat.
(d) The tree gave its apples to the boy.
(a) First, the tree gave its apples to the boy.
(b) Then, it gave him its branches to make a house.
(c) After that it gave him its trunk to make a boat.
(d) Finally, it asked him to sit on the stump

2.Work in a group and decide the things that you can do to help your
grandparents or any old person. Now, write five of these things that you will do.
• I will give them water to drink.
• I will give them medicines on time.
• I will sit with them whenever I get time.
• I will go on walk with them.
• I will do everything that makes them happy.

Let’s Act
1.You are reading and talking about trees. You are thinking about trees too. Can you make the shape of a tree with your body?
(a) Let’s see your branches.
(b) Let’s see a full tree with fruits and leaves.
(c) Enact a cut tree with only a trunk.
(d) Enact a tree with only a stump left.
(e) Communicate the idea in this play.
Ans.Do it yourself.

2.Use your body to –
stretch     bend     jump     twist     hop     climb
Ans. Do it yourself.

 Let’s Read

Chintha Chettu
Chintha Chettu is a tamarind tree.
This famous tre is in Gwalior
Tensen was a famous singer
The tamarind tree grows over Tansen’s tomb
“Eat the leaves of the tamarind tree, and you’ll also sing like Tansen !”

Choose the right words.
1.Chintha Chettu is a tamarind tree, (tree/leaf).
2.This famous tree is in Gwalior (Guntur/Gwalior).
3.Tansen was a famous singer (singer/dancer).
4.The tamarind tree grows over Tansen’s tomb (house/tomb).
5.“Eat the leaves of the tamarind tree, and you’ll also sing like Tansen (Tansen/Akbar)”

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