NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 17 – Books


Question 1:

library    wide    galore    skinny    shelves    wonderful


1) Library:   a room containing collection of books Example sentences: 1) I have a library near my house. 2) There is an outstanding collection of books in our school library.

2) Wide: to a great extent Example sentences: 1) The old man was walking on a wide road. 2) His eyes opened wide after hearing the news.

3) Galore: in abundance Example sentences: 1) There were chocolates galore for everything. 2) Daffodils galore in my garden.

4) Skinny: very thin Example sentences: 1) Reena has skinny legs. 2) The hockey players of our team were very skinny.

5) Shelves: a support for holding objects Example sentences: 1) There were five books on the shelves. 2) The shelves was broken.

6) Wonderful: something that gives pleasure Example sentences: 1) She was looking wonderful in the party. 2) The principal gave a wonderful response after the function.

Reading is Fun

1.What did the library door say?
Ans. The library door said to come in.

2.What did the books in the library book like?
Ans. Some books were tall and thin while some were little and fat.

3.Why did the child in the poem like looking at the pictures?
Ans.The child in the poem liked looking at the pictures because they told him stories.

Let’s Listen
1. What word signs have you seen or heard-
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-9 Chapter 17 Lets Listen Q1NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-9 Chapter 17 Fun Time

Let’s Talk

1.Do you like reading story books?
Ans. Yes, I like reading story books.

2.What kinds of stories do you like?
Ans. I like adventurous stories.

3.The word galore means in great numbers. Do you also have a class library
or a school library which keeps many books? Can you borrow books?
Ans. Yes, I have a school library which keeps many books. Yes, I can borrow books from there.

4.Tell the class about your favourite story book. Talk about the character you liked most in the book.
Ans. Do it yourself.

Fun Time
Let’s play Book Chain
Form groups of five or six children in the class. Sit in circles. The first child will
begin the book chain by saying the name of a story book. The next child extends
the chain by saying the name of another book. In,this way a book chain is formed.
The more the rounds the children can go on for, the longer the book chain will
be.See which group makes the longest book chain.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-9 Chapter 17 Fun Time
Ans. Do it yourself.

Let’s Write
Make word families. The first word in each has been written for you.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-9 Chapter 17 Lets Write Q1

Look at this sentence:
A library is a place where books are kept.

Now fill in the blanks after reading these sentences.
1.An airport is a place where aeroplanes take off and land.
2.A kitchen is a place where food is cooked.
3.A hospital is a place where sick people are taken care of.
4.A market is a place where you can buy things.
5.A school is a place where children study.

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