NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 18 – Going to Buy a Book

Question 1:

alone    bookshop    machines    finally    climbed


1) Alone: when no one else is present Example sentences: 1) I will stay alone at home in the evening. 2) The teacher was sitting alone in the class.

2) Bookshop: a shop where books are sold Example sentences: 1) The bookshop gets closed in the evening. 2) The bookshop was very small.

3) Machines: mechanical device Example sentences: 1) We brought machines from Paris. 2) The fax machine is not working.

4) Finally: after a long time Example sentences: 1) We finally decided to go to Manali. 2) The results finally got declared.

5) Climbed: to go or come up a slope Example sentences: 1) He climbed the hill easily. 2) My sister climbed the stairs with a stick.

Reading is Fun

1.Why did grandfather give the children money?
Ans. Grandfather gave the children money to buy books.

2.Where did they go to buy books?
Ans. They went to a small bookshop to buy books.

3.Did the girl buy a picture book?
Ans. No, the girl did not buy a picture book. She bought a story book.

Let’s Listen and Search
In small groups one child will give directions orally only
once; the others will listen and hunt for the following:
1.a circle
2.a square
3.a triangle
4.a piece of paper with three signatures
5.a piece of paper with red colour
6.a piece of paper with a number
7.a piece of paper with the label of tea
8.a twig in the shape of an alphabetic letter
9.a slab of mud with a drawing
10.a flower in the shape of a number
Ans.Do it yourself.

Let’s Talk
1.Is there a bookshop near your home? If these is, do you like to visit it?
Ans.Yes, there is a small bookshop near my house and I visit it weekly.

2.What are the different kinds of books in this bookshop or in any other bookshop you have seen? Tell the class.
Ans.There are different kinds of books in the bookshop which is close to my house.
One can get there picture books, story books, novels, etc.

Let’s Write
1. Look at these sentences in the story-
(a) Should we go to the big market?
(b) Should we go to the small shop?
(c) Should I buy a thin book?
The coloured words above are describing words.
Now fill in more describing words into the passage below
Ans. It was a dark night. A little girl sat up in bed listening to her mother tell a short
story. Her beautiful eyes opened wide and she gave a lovely smile. “Now go to
sleep, Paro,” her mother closed the book. “Sweet dreams.”

2.Imagine that you will go to bookshop tomorrow. What will you do there? Write five sentences beginning with:
(a) I shall go through several books.
(b) I shall read a few of them.
(c) I shall select some books of my choice.
(d) I shall buy them.
(e) I shall return home and read them.

3.Tina goes to her school library to borrow a book. Complete her dialogue with the librarian by using and or or in thd blanks.
Ans. Tina : Ma’am, I want to borrow a book.
Librarian : Do you want a story book or a book of poems?
Tina : I want a story book.
Librarian : Do you like stories about animals or adventure stories?
Tina : I like both.
Librarian : Go to the second cupboard. On the first shelf, you will find animal stories and on the second, adventure stories.
Tina (after selecting books) Ma’am, I want Black Beauty and Panchantantra Stories.
Librarian : You can have either Black Beauty or Panchantantra Stories.

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