NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 19 – The Naughty Boy

Question 1:

naughty    found    ground    merry    cherry     weighty     wooden


1) Naughty: disobedient Example sentences: 1) My brother has been a naughty boy since childhood. 2) Harsh becomes a naughty kid in canteen.

2) Found: to discover Example sentences: 1) I found a book on the table. 2) Tanu found the necklace under the drawer.

3) Ground: the solid surface of the earth Example sentences: 1) Faizal touched the ground with his hands. 2) Jai was sitting on the ground in the heat.

4) Merry: cheerful and lively Example sentences: 1) The kids were singing merry songs. 2) I felt merry after talking to my mother.

5) Cherry: a small dark red fruit Example sentences: 1) I ate a bowl of cherries in breakfast. 2) Cherry is my favourite fruit.

6) Weighty: having a great weight Example sentences: 1) I got a weighty package from my father. 2) Yamini is a weighty girl.

7) Wooden: made of wood Example sentences: 1) Raj was sitting on the wooden bench. 2) The bird was sitting on a wooden box.

Reading is Fun

1.From where did the naughty boy come?
Ans.The naughty boy came from England.

2.Where did the naughty boy go?
Ans. The naughty boy went to Scotland

3.Why did he go there?
Ans.He went there to see its people and things there.

4.What did the boy wonder about?
Ans.The boy wondered that all the things found in Scotland were all the same as in England.

Let’s Listen
1.Listen to these instructions and follow them.
(а) naughty walk forward
(b) naughty walk backwards
(c) fall down
(d) do a funny trick
(e) walk on tiptoes
(f) drag your feet
(g) spin around
(h) jump like a horse .
(i) walk with your shoes
(j) shuffle your feet
Ans.Do it Yourself

Let’s Talk
1.What do you think the naughty boy would see in India?
Ans. The naughty boy would see everything same in India.

2.Have you recently been to another place? What is it like? How is it different from your own place?
Ans.Do it yourself.

3.All cultures have their own folk songs in which each line is repeated. This line is sung in a chorus. Sing a folk song in your own language.
Ans.Do it yourself.

Word Building
1.Naughty is a describing word. Can you find more describing words can you find in this maze?
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-10 Chapter 19 Word Building
2.Now write these words here-
(а) The peacock is a beautiful bird.
(b) Pinocchio is a naughty puppet.
(c) I saw an ugly quarrel.
(d)) Morning exercises make you healthy.
(e) A glass of milk makes your teeth strong.
(f) Rita’s rude behaviour annoyed me.
(g) Rahul does not eat green vegetables, therefore his eyesight is weak.

Let’s Write
1.Can you write six things that are made of wood?
chair          table                  bookshelf
bench        cupboard          bat

2.Look at the words given below and put them under the things that they are
balloon        chair      table      eraser       shirt
pencil           toys        car          trousers   knife
scissors       cap
metal      wood         rubber         cloth
car           chair         balloon        shirt
knife        table         eraser          trousers
scissors   pencil       toys              cap

3.Who do you think is the naughtiest child in your class?
Describe her/him in five lines.
• Sanju is the naughtiest boy in my class.
• He never concentrates on his studies.
• He disturbs me and other students of the class.
• So long the teacher is there in the class, he tries to be silent. But the moment he/she goes out he starts shouting.
• He often beats his classmates.

Say Aloud
hard           yard       long         song
weighty     eighty    found      ground

Fund Time
Let’s make a mosaic hat for your clown You need
• Mirrors/beads of different size and shapes
• Fevicol/glue/gum
• A piece of cardboard
• Sketch pens
• Take a piece of old cardboard.
• Draw a colourful pattern on it.
• Take glue/gum and apply it on the surface and stick beads/mirrors/pulses on it.
• Fold it into a cone.
• Your lovely Mosaic Hat is now ready.
• Put it on your clown.
Which country does your clown belong to? Now complete the table below-
Nation                                        Nationality

India –                                        Indian

Scotland                                    Scotish
Australia                                   Australian
France                                       French
Japan                                        Japanese

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