Reading Comprehension Practice 22/2

Charley is a six-year-old boy and he loves the holidays.

Whenever his school remains closed, he definitely goes to his maternal grandmother’s house with his mother.

He loves his grandmother and his grandmother also loves him very much. When Charley goes to his grandmother’s house, she cooks a variety of dishes for him and gives him many toys to play with.

Charlie’s most loving thing in his grandmother’s house is her pet dog which always stays with Charlie. Charlie not only eats food with the dog but also plays with him most of the time.

When he comes back to his house, his grandmother gives him fifty rupees every time.

Question –

1. Where does Charley like to go when his school is closed?

2. What is Charley’s most loving thing in his grandmother’s house?

3. How old is Charley?

4. How much money does Charley’s grandmother give him every time?

5. With whom does Charley go to his grandmother’s house?

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