The Noun

Words which are used as name of persons, animals, places and things are called noun.
Ram, cow, Delhi, apple etc.

Kinds of Noun

There are four kinds of noun:

  • 1. Proper Noun
  • 2. Common Noun
  • 3. Collective Noun
  • 4. Abstract Noun

Proper Nouns:

Various persons, places, animals have a particular name. They are called proper nouns. A proper noun starts with a capital letter.
Krishna, Himalaya, Ganga, Mumbai etc.

Common Noun

The various things around us such as the animals, the birds, the objects, the flowers, the fruits and vegetables are called common nouns.
boy, cow, flower, river etc.

Collective Noun

A collective noun is the name given to a collection of persons, animals, things taken together as one. For example: an army of soldiers, a crew of sailors, a flock of sheep, a gang of robbers.

Abstract Noun

Abstract nouns are the names of something which we can neither see nor touch, but can think of them. They are names given to some quality, feeling, state or action. Examples: beauty, courage, kindness, strength.

Some examples of proper noun and common noun

1. This is a boy. He has a name. His name is Ravi. This is Ravi’s pet dog. Its name is Lassy.
2. This is a girl. This girl has a name. Her name is Simi. This is the picture of a fort. Its name is Red Fort.

In the above sentences:
Boy is a Common Noun Ravi, is a Proper Noun
Girl is a Common Noun Simi, is a Proper Noun
Dog is a Common Noun Lassy, is a Proper Noun
Fort is a Common Noun Red Fort, is a Proper Noun

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