NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 16 – The Little Bully

New Words
bruise : injury by blow to body
horrid : terrible
hoarse : rough and deep sounding
pincer : gripping tool
stalk : main stem
nipped : pinched

Question 1:

Now that you have read and understood the lesson, can you answer these questions? You can put a right sign on the right answer.

1. Why did all the children hate Hari?

(i) Because he would not talk to anyone.

(ii) Because he always pinched them.

(iii) Because he loved stealing their food.

ANSWER. (ii) Because he always pinched them.

2. “Nobody took Hari’s hand. Nobody went near him. Nobody played with him.” This shows that Hari had

(i) many friends.

(ii) few friends.

(iii) no friends.

ANSWER2. (ii) no friends

3. Which of the following actions would make a friendly person? Write them down.

• Respecting other people.

• Eating a small child’s tiffin.

• Calling people rude names.

• Pushing a smaller boy and making him cry.

• Being helpful to everyone.

• Helping your classmates in school.

• Mocking at friends and hurting their feelings.

• Protecting a weaker person.

Actions which would make a friendly person _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________


3. Respecting other people.

Being helpful to everyone.

Helping your classmates in school.

Protecting a weaker person.

Page No 140:

Question 1:

Find out words which are opposites or are closest to being the opposites of the words given below. Then write down the opposites in the grid.

1. smile3. quiet
2. happy5. punish
4. strong


Page No 141:

Question 2:

Hari was pinched till he was black and blue. ‘Black and blue’ means

(i) Hari fell down in pain.

(ii) there were bruises on his body.

(iii) Hari painted himself in colours.

(iv) Hari had a black and blue shirt.


(i) there were bruises on his body.

Page No 141:

Question 3:

‘I shan’t pinch anyone anymore’. Shan’t means.

(i) shall

(ii) should

(iii) shall not

(iv) will not


(iii) shall not

Page No 141:

Question 4:

Give the full forms of won’t _______________________

weren’t ______________________

wouldn’t _____________________

couldn’t ______________________


(i) will not (ii) were not (iii) would not (iv) could not

Page No 141:

Question 5:

A girl was sitting quietly beside him. Hari leapt to his feet, crying loudly.

The words quietly and loudly tell us how an action is being done.

Find five more words ending in -ly which denote how something is done.

(i)  ______________________ ly

(ii)  ______________________ ly

(iii) ______________________ ly

(iv) ______________________ ly

(v)  ______________________ ly

Add -ly to the following words.


Now can you make sentences with these words? _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________


(i)   ideally (ii)  logically (iii) gratefully (iv) definitely (v)  secondly

  • 1) They were clearly lost in their way.

2) We rolled along merrily.

3) He smiled wearily while talking to me.

4) We are going to work doubly hard.

5) He walked drearily between on the roads.

6) The sun was shining brightly in the morning.

7) I was badly starving in the evening.

8) My parents spoke to me fondly.

Page No 142:

Question 1:

Let’s practice with and P and F.



Disclaimer: Students are advised to practice this on their own.


Page No 142:

Question 2:

Complete the blanks with rhyming words of the following and practice aloud.

carriagem ________teacherspr__________


bruisec ruisecreaturesfe atures
carriagem arriageteacherspr eachers
prawnd awnvowedc rowed

Page No 143:

Question 1:

How did the seaside creatures, the crab, the lobster etc. teach Hari a lesson? Write in a few lines. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________


The seaside creatures, the crab, the lobster etc. pinched Hari’s hands in his great pincer like claws which made him shout loudly in pain.  It is only after this incident that Hari realises that this is what he has been doing to everyone and how it hurts.

Page No 143:

Question 2:

Read these sentences carefully. I ate an apple. A boy is standing under the tree. The sun rises in the east.

A and an do not point out any definite or particular person or thing whereas, the is used when we speak of some particular person or thing. A, an and the are called articles. Remember an is used before words beginning with a vowel a, e, i, o, u.

Now fill in the blanks with appropriate articles. (i) Hari was ______________ unpopular boy. (ii) The boys and girls went to ______________ seaside for a picnic. (iii) He saw ______________big crab coming towards him. (iv) I found______________empty bottle, floating in the water. (v) ______________sea creatures ate his food.


(i)  an (ii) the (iii) a (iv) an (v) The

Page No 144:

Question 3:

A crab has a hard shell whereas a frog does not have one. There are many animals that protect themselves from their enemies with their outer cover/shells/quills.

In the box given below are the names of some animals. Encircle the ones that can protect themselves with their hard cover.


Now paste/draw the picture of any one animal. Write five lines about it. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________


Disclaimer:This is a sample answer. Students are advised to write the answer based on their own observations.


1) They have four legs and a shell. 2) They are cold blooded . 3) They range in different sizes. 4) The female tends to be larger than the male tortoise. 5) They live up to 90 years.

Page No 145:

Question 4:

Can you tell the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? Write a few lines.

Disclaimer: Kindly refer the textbook for the images. ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________


1) Turtles have a flat back whereas a tortoise do not have a flat back.

2) Turtles can live both on land and water whereas a tortoise live entirely above water.

3) Turtles are omnivorous whereas a tortoise is mostly herbivorous.

4) Turtle’s shell is lighter than the tortoise.

5) A tortoise can live up to 150 years whereas a turtle can live up to 40 years.

Page No 145:

Question 5:

Describe what is happening in the picture. Use is/are and ____ ing to make your sentences. Clues are given in the box.


Disclaimer: Kindly refer the textbook for the images.

For example Krishna is swinging. (i) Mary _____________ up the slide. (ii) Hari _____________ and boxing her. (iii) Little Bitoo _____________ a lollipop. (iv) Rita ___________________ down the slide.

Imagine what the children will do in the playground tomorrow. You can take some hints from the words given in the box. e.g. John will play kabbadi tomorrow.




(i)   is swinging (ii)  is climbing (iii) is licking (iv) is sliding

(i)   Hari will play football tomorrow. (ii)  Rita will run after the rabbit. (iii) Little Bitoo will race with his friends. (iv) Mary will play badminton with Hari.

Page No 146:

Question 1:

Work in groups of four. See the picture of a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean.

Suppose you went deep-sea diving. What would you find? Think of all the words that come to your mind, then build a paragraph. Share your story with other groups.

Disclaimer: Kindly refer the textbook for the image.


Disclaimer: This is a sample answer. Students are advised to write the answer based on their personal experiences and observations.

Suppose if I went deep sea diving, I would find small colourful fish, lobsters in it. I would also see precious jewels which I would carry them home. There would also be shells in which I can find pearls. There can be starfish, turtles and a ship sunk at the bottom.

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