IP sample Paper Annual Exam class 11

Subject – Informatics Practices, Class XI

MM : 70 Marks                                                                                                                                 Time: 3 Hours

1.aWhat is the importance of cache memory in a Computer System?2
 bFill the appropriate answer:1
 bWhich of the following are hardware and software?  (a) Capacitor (b) Internet Explorer (c) Hard disk (d) UNIX1
 dWhat is the difference between interpreter and compiler? (any two)2
 eDifferentiate between RAM and ROM2
 fWhat are the types of Software ? Give any two example of each  2
2.a.What are keywords in Python?1
 b.Which of the following are legitimate variable declarations: My.var, _GLOBAL, for, While1
 c.Who developed Python programming language?1
 d. Explain the various merits of Python programming language.3
 e.What are the mode of Programming in python language1
 f.What do you mean by data types? What are Python’s built-in core data types? Write one example of each.3
3a What will be the output of the following program? a,b=20,30  a, b, c = 10, 20, 30 b=b+10  a, b ,a = c+2, a+5, c+3  print(a, b)  2
 b What will be the output produced by the following code?  A, B, C, D = 9.2, 2.0, 4, 21 print(A/4)  print(A//4) print(B**C) print(A%C)2
 c Reema is confused between 3*2 and 3**2. Help her to know the difference between the two expressions1
 da=3 b=6 b=b+a print (b)  1
 e.Write the output of the following: L=[10,20,30,40] L1=[500,600] L2=[35,45] L1.extend(L2) L.insert(25,2) print (L1+L2) print (L1) print (L.index(30)) print (L2*2)3
 f.What will be the result [1,4] +[5,8]  1
4aWrite a program to find simple interest using principal, rate and time.  Accept data from user. si = PxRxT/1002
 b.Write a Python program to find the largest of the three numbers.3
 c.Write a program to check the given number is even number or odd number2
 d.Write a Python program to print the series 1 3 5 7 9 11 up to a given limit.2
 e.Write a Python program to find the largest and smallest sum of the elements and mean of the contents of a list of numbers.4
 f.What will be the output of the following Python code? a, b = 10, 50  if (b % a == 0):         print(b//4)         print(a/2) else:         print(a**2)         print(b%3)2
5.a.Define the following terms- Relation, Tuple, Degree, Cardinality4
 b.  What is the difference between primary key and Foreign key?4
 c.What do DDL, DML, DCL and TCL stand for?2
 d.Name the two commands of each category of SQL Command4
 e.What do you mean by attribute?1
6.a.Write SQL query to create the following table. Table: STUDENT  3
 b.Write SQL queries based on the following tables: Table : PRODUCT Table:

CLIENT Write SQL query to display the all details of ProductWrite SQL query to display the Product Name and Price of the product.Write SQL query to display the name of the product which has price less than 80Write SQL query to display the name of the product and price which manufacturer is ABCWrite SQL query to display the name of the product which manufacturer is ABC and price is more than 50Write SQL query to display the increase the price of all product.Write SQL query to delete record of FacewashWrite SQL query to display ProductName and Price for all products whose Price is in the range of 50 to 150.Write SQL query to display details of product whose manufacturer is either XYZ or ABCWrite SQL query to display ProductName, Manufacturer and Price for all products that are not given any discount.Write SQL query to display ClientName, City, and P_ID for all clients whose city is Delhi.Which column is used as Foreign Key and name the table where it has been used as Foreign Key.
7a.What do you mean by Artificial Intelligence? Write any four application of AI.  3
 b.Define the term Internet of things.2
 c.What are the uses of Cloud Computing?  2
 d.Expand the term. VR,  SaaS, IaaS, IoT2
 e.Write any four features of Smart House1

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