CS Sample paper class 11

Subject – Computer Science, Class XI

MM : 70 Marks                                                                                                                                 Time: 3 Hours

1.aWrite at least two points of differences between compiler and interpreter.2
 bFill the appropriate answer:1
 bWrite short note on ASCII.1
 d1. Convert decimal number (0.375) to its equivalent binary number. 2. Add 10001 to 11101  2
 eVerify the following using truth table: X+Y.Z=(X+Y).(X+Z)  2
 fWrite the equivalent Boolean expression for the following logic circuit2
2awrite the output of the following: a,b=20,30 a = a+5 b=b+10 a,b= b,a print (a) print (b)2
 b print (“WELCOME\n”,”TO\n”,”PYTHON” )1
 c Which of the following are invalid identifiers. a) 99flag  b) As$swer    c) For        d) While  1
 da=3 b=6 b+=a print (b)  1
 e.Write the output of the following: L=[10,20,30,40] L1=[500,600] L2=[35,45] L1.extend(L2) L.insert(25,2) print (L1+L2) print (L1) print (L.index(30)) print (L2*2)3
 f.Find the output of the following. T1=(10,20,30,40,50) T2=(100,200,300) T1,T2=T2,T1   1) min(T1) 2) max(T2)  2
3aWrite the python statement and the output for the following: 1) Find the second occurrence of ‘m’ in ‘madam’. 2) To replace ‘o’ with ‘*’ in word ‘hello’. 3) To remove ‘h’ from word ‘hectic’. 4) To break the string ‘Revolution’ into 3 parts taking ‘l’ as separator. 5) Change the case of each letter in string ‘ScHoOl’. 6) Whether ‘S’ exists in string ‘Schedule’ or not.6
 bWrite a program to calculate Simple Interest2
 cWrite a program to check the given number is even number or odd number2
 dWrite a program to search an element in the given List3
 eWrite a program to sort elements of a given List2
4.a.Write the output list =[‘I’,’N’,’D’,’I’,’A’] print(list[0:3]) print(list[3:])2
 b.Name any two module and two respective methods of each2
 c.Find the output:- (1,4) +(5,8)X=(1,4,6)              Y=sum(x)/len(x)              Print(Y)2
 d.Find the output:- dict= {‘Subject’: 2000, ‘Class’: 11, ‘Age’ : 21} print(dict.keys()) dict.pop(‘Class’) ptint(dict) dict[‘School’] = ‘KV’ print(dict) del dict[‘Age’] print(dict)4
5.a.Write different ways of writing comments in a program? Give Example also.  2
 b.Write the difference between break and continue statements.  2
 c. Write the naming Conventions of identifier2
 c.Write a program to find and display prime numbers below 50.  2
 d.Write a program to Input a string and check whether it is palindrome or not?  2
 e.WAP to remove duplicate items from a list and display.  2
 f.Write a program to input ‘n’ name and phone numbers to store it in a dictionary and to input any name and to print the phone number of that particular name.  3
6.a.What is an IP address?  1
 b.What are the merits of social networking?  2
 c.What is Cyber Trolling? Write down Medium/Ways of Trolling.  2
 d.What do you mean by e-waste ?  1
 f.What do you mean by hacker?  1
 g.What are the issues on Gender and disability while teaching and using computer2
 h.When did introduced IT Act 2000 in India1


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