Describing words worksheet

  1. We went to an beautiful park.
  2. The stadium was filled with happy fans.
  3. They went to large stadium.
  4. Once we found our seats, we ordered delicious popcorn.
  5. The popcorn was so hot it burned our mouths.
  6. To cool our mouths down, we ordered some ice-cold lemonade.
  7. By the time we finished our tasty lemonade, the game had started.
  8. To the left and right of us, fans were eager for the first pitch of the game.
  9. As the game went on, the noisy fans never calmed down.
  10. The players were just as happy about the game as the fans were.
  11. I have never experienced such a lively game in my life.
  12. My favorite part of the game was the foul ball that I caught with my old glove.
  13. My dad bought me fluffy cotton candy to celebrate my great catch.
  14. That game was one of the best baseball games I ever saw

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