EVS Class 5 Oral Test Paper

Map Work

  1. Recognize states on map of India
  2. Capitals of States
  3. Physical regions of India
  4. Ocean and seas surrounding India
  5. Recognize states surrounding your state.
  6. Countries Surrounding India.
  7. Major Rivers of India- Ganga, Mahanadi, Godavari Kaveri

Art and Culture

  1. Folk dance of your state
  2. Classical Dances in India
  3. Folk Dance of Gujrat
  4. One Major Folk artist in your state.
  5. Major religions of India


  1. Two major dams in India
  2. One major dam in your state
  3. One major mineral mining in your state
  4. One National Park


  1. Olympic winner 2021, India
  2. Paralympic winners 2021, India
  3. Chief Minister, Governor, Prime Minister, President, CJI, ECI
  4. One Football Player of India
  5. One female cricketer of India

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