Synonyms Practice -Vocabulary – Grammar

Synonyms: Words having similar meaning.

ऐसे शब्द जिनका अर्थ समान (एक जैसे) हों, उन्हें synonyms कहते हैं|


AidHelp, relief, support
BraveCourageous, intrepid, impudent
CleverAble, skillful, intelligent
CourageBoldness, valour, bravery
DeliverRelieve, rescue, discharge
DestroyDemolish, ruin, raze
DullStupid, blunt, boring
EcstasyJoy, bliss, enthusiasm
GiftPresent, donation, contribution
IdealModel, perfect, example
JunkRubbish, waste, refuse


A. Circle the two synonyms for each set of words. The first one has been done for you.

1. toasty chilly cool comfortable
2. walk crawl stroll run
3. argue scare confuse frighten
4. bravery honesty courage winner
5. cook drink eat munch
6. record paint draw sketch

B. Write a synonym for each word.

1. thin _____________________
2. tiny_____________________
3. store_____________________
4. fall_____________________
5. see_____________________
6. friendly_____________________
7. tasty_____________________
8. silent_____________________
9. smelly_____________________
10. smile_____________________
11. think_____________________
12. break_____________________

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